Saturday, August 29, 2009

Scam or no Scam? You Judge. - part 3 (end)

No, I was not in the meeting. I actually said that because I just wanted to make sure its a scam, or not a scam. I found the name of Kebajikan that she mentioned online and eventually found one really matching.

I gave them a call to clarify the matter. The receiptionist ask me to called a guy by the name of "Subra" when I mentioned about the word "Hadiah". Seems she know what I want. Maybe alot people had also called up for this matter?

Nevertheless, I called "Subra" as told. I told him somebody called me on this and that. Is it true? His reply, "Yes. We are promoting bla bla bla...". What he told me on the phone is almost similar with the Indian Lady (IL). The difference is that "Subra" tell me upfront about the VIP card, flight tickets and so on. Finally understand why they called me.

1/2 hours passed. And the IL really called back hoping to get my so call "nombor giliran".

IL : Hello, ini Mr. Gary ya?

Me : Yes. So what else you want?

IL : Itu nombor giliran apa nombor?

(You won't quit talking about the nombor giliran will ya?)

Me : Sebelum tu hor, saya mau tanya ya. Itu ticket kapal terbang kena bayar de?

IL : Oh tidak tidak. Itu ticket semua free, tetapi, you need to apply for VIP card for RM495 (Somewhere around that price).

(Oh. Means I need to pay also la!)

Me : Wah... Itu macam means saya pun kena bayar lor.

IL : Mr. Gary, itu VIP card hor, you boleh pergi Bali, Philippine....

(Well, now I know this IL is trying to get my credit card info, so she can squeeze the amount out of me with or without my knowledge. Am I a fool? The whole lot of conversation is a waste of my time. Guess its payback time and an extra few more minutes chatting with her wouldn't be all bad.)

Me : Itu macam hor, saya mau itu ticket, tapi tak nak itu VIP card. Kalau free saya nak la, bayar punya saya tak nak.

IL : Mr. Gary, sakarang hor, mana ada free punya benda lagi? You pergi tandas pun kena bayar la.

(See! Now she say its not free. The first time she told me I am one of the choosen, got free ticket. Now she say where got free things.)

Me : Siapa cakap. Saya pergi tandas rumah tak payah duit la!

IL : Tapi Mr. Gary kalau kerja dekat luar pun kena bayar ma.

Me : Itu saya kerja saya pun pakai office punya tandas pun free ler.

(She starting to get frustrated at me.)

IL : (Sounded got pissed off) So itu macam Mr. Gary pergi shopping tak pergi tandas ke?!

Me : Betul! Saya pergi luar memang tak pergi tandas. (Haha! This one really got her!)

IL : (Bad mood cause cannot get sales) Itu macam tak apa la Mr. Gary. Mr. Gary punya hadiah saya bagi lain orang.

Me : Ok la. You bagi saja la. Thank you for offering ya. Bye bye...

And then she ended the phone without even saying bye bye at all. What a rude irresponsible telemarketing person. Ha ha~~~


Dickson Kho said...

haha.. good job

Anonymous said...

Waste so much time and effort to talk to this type of people? Speechless.

ljwong said...

haha, this one i think they got rent small room at mid valley and sunway piramid there.they do all this before. dont know real or not..but that time they ask me apply VIP card but no ask the credit card number.. I still go mid valley boulevard office lot there to see what they really first they said all free..after that, she said need apply VIP card.. bla ...bla...bla... then i said "ok, i not interested if it is need money".

ljwong said...

the sales girl all is indian although the one calling me is the chinese girl.she only responsible to call only. the indian girl start askinng me what country i go before, so she said we have all thee packages..then after that, she said you need to apply VIP card. So i said i want leave as i not interested. So she ask another indian guy (more smart look) to talk with me. He bla bla give me chance to talk..then i saiTd ok, i no interested. hen i leave.. really want hentam them. waste my time and petrol..