Friday, August 10, 2007

Dev : Failure of server APACHE bridge

This morning was an havoc when one of our web portal was not accessible.

We got something similar to this when accessing the portal.

This in a way was useful for the developers to understand what is happening.It could only mean one thing. Apache could not connect to weblogic. But for customer point of view, it is some mambo jumbo stuff that they would just say "Server Crash!".

I would suggest to all the developers and to those who concern, when webridge Apache to Weblogic (or might work for other webserver as well), to add in some stuff to make the "error" look more beautiful.
The steps are:

1. Add in your error page in apache_path/htdocs.
2. When setting your weblogic IfModule Location for your system, add in theErrorPage parameter.
    <location /myportal>
      SetHandler weblogic-handler
      WebLogicPort 7004
      ErrorPage errorpage.html
3. Restart apache.

Currently I see that some of us do not have this practice yet. It is always better that to let our client and customer see something useful, rather than rocket science stuff.