Monday, October 01, 2007

Dev : Tracing Users

My Gosh! Where is the file I have just created? It was here a minute ago....

So someone had log in and done something to your file. Who is it? You have over 100 co-workers here. So how do we actually see who had done something wrong? By using the command "finger" and "w", we might be able to get something straight.

Generally, the mighty "w" will help you to trace who had login to this server and what are they doing currently. "finger" instead, will let you see the list of logged in users, what time they are already in and from where (IP address) these users come from.

These are some commands that might help you to trace the culprit. There should be some other way to get a better "result" and I am still trying to study and find the best way, but for the time being, just bear with me. :-)