Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fuyoh! Ini Macam Driver Also Got?

Cutting queue, switching lanes without lighting indicator, green means slow, yellow means rush and red means prepare to go.

Fuyoh! Ini macam Driver Also Got?

Well, basically speaking, it seems that many, but hopefully not majority, Malaysian drive in this matter.

Every time when there's a driver cutting into my lane of road without indicator, I'll surely got a sudden shock and pissed off. While everybody is patiently queuing up, all in a sudden an Ah Beng or Ah Lian dig him/herself in front you. But what more I or we can do except whining in the car?

And there you have it in Malaysia, a new concept of traffic lights understanding. When it turns green, 1st, wait until the car in front of you move. 2nd, masuk gear. 3rd, jalan. The next thing you know, the light turns yellow on the fifth car. I've create a short poem to show how Malaysian handle traffic light :

Green go slow-slow,
Yellow is rush and follow,
Red means prepare to go.

Although some of it are road offence, but is there any action taken to these irresponsible drivers? So far, seldom. I never even seen it myself. Should we take this in our own hands? If we did, we shall become the offender rather than the victim.