Sunday, December 26, 2010

Malaysian Need More Common Sense

In Malaysia, many of the drivers does not have enough awareness against the privileges for the disables, they basically does not have the respect and the pity towards the disables. In Klang Valley, these awareness does seems better than other states, although such assholes still persist. Even so, many people do not understand what emergency lanes are for too.

I'm now sitting around the parking at the new Aeon Melaka parking bays. It is still very early, and there are plenty of parking spot around. 1 old aunty came down the car, moved the cone out, and another young aunty nicely parked her car in the disable parking bay. An old man then walked down the car, and they happily lock the car and walk into the shopping complex. I was looking at them, and they look back. I shook my head, but they just don't care. Gosh, I guess I'm not the enforcer, so nothing matters.

But why do these people still want to park at the disable spot? Is it that it is so troublesome to walk an extra 20 steps further? Why do people use the emergency lane when traffic jam starts? Using the emergency lane will just cause more jam because some stalled cars or lorries will force them to reenter the road, and they will cause other caring drivers to slow down their car for these selfish drivers.

1 clear indication I see that they are indeed very selfish, because disable parkings are always in shade and very near to the entrance. Some may argue, there are many more spaces left for the disables, why should I care and why do you mind? Laws are laws, common sense are common sense. Why do you shit in the toilet and not outside when there are no one around?

Most people nowadays are educated, but not their common sense and basic awareness. Not only in themselves, the government and the premise owners also need to do their part. Why are the roads are build in such a way where jams are always unavoidable? Even new roads are the same. Why don't they clamp those stupid cars? Why don't they place more traffic polices beside the emergency lanes to summon all cars that uses such ways to jump queue?