Thursday, September 28, 2006

[Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC]Error

Today, my girlfriend was trying to install MsSQL 2000 server on my computer. After installing, she manage to start the database server. To her curiousity, she ask me whether I have some sample programs to test the connection.

I remember that I did an excel reader program on Java before. So I started Eclipse and wrote a main method to call an existing method which will create a connection and query to make a test run. To my disappointment, the programs fails to start due to some connection problem. I have change my setting to sync with my pc's MsSQL 2000 server, check the ODBC connection, but none of these will work. I even try telnet to port 1433 on my pc but each time I telnet, I failed to connect to it.

Eagerly to solve the problem, I try searching my answer online. Luckly for me, many people face the same error message before. After reading some comments online, some of them suggested to change the server's authentication mode, change port number and even create another user. After wasted some of my time on these helpless solutions, I decided to search for more info online. After somemore reading and minor research, I came across with a comment which reminds me of something which I have did before, update the MsSQL 2000 Server to service pack 4.

It took me quite some time to finish downloading MsSQL 2000 server sp4 update. After the update,restart of my pc and before running my test program, I did the telnet again. This time it works. Finally, I manage to connect my program to the server and successfully query it too. Happy~~~ :-)

Just a word of reminder, before running anything on a newly installed MsSQL 2000 server, please keep in mind that to update the service pack to sp4. You may save yourself more time on other purpose, rather than like me, spending the whole night looking for the connection solution.