Sunday, August 08, 2010

Should Be The Way Of Malaysian?

I Used to go restaurant, coffeeshops and even mamak. I normally raised my hand or call out "boss boss... kira....". But, I used to see others using the "zut zut" sound to call the waiter or waitress. Is this the way we treat those Chinese, Indian, Burmas, Vietnamese, Indonesian waiters and waitresses?

Is this kind of mentality we Malaysian posses? We are supposingly living in a multiracial country, and respecting each other is the basic thing we are supposed to know. Why are we calling out to these, although foreigners, in such inhumane way? Aren't they human also? Why are we calling them like a dog or a cat? Shouldn't they be respected as well? Don't mentioned that how many of them are lowly paid.

These are not the only things that happened. This is just a minor things that happened. Talking about the cruelty that some of the employees treated these foreigner. Aren't there the same as those Americans, Europeans? They are too foreigners in our Malaysian land. It is just not fair that because they are from a undeveloped or poorer countries.

Likewise, what are we when many of us who are working in Singapore? Are they treated in such a lowly manner? Malaysians, we should be doing something better than others if we are going to compete in the world arena.