Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Scam or no Scam? You Judge. - part 2

Finally, Wednesday had come. No luck, she is not calling back. Not on Thurday either. But I waited only till Friday only to receive a call from the Indian Lady (IL) who promise to call back.

IL : Hello, ini Mr. Gary?

Me : Ah ya saya.

IL : Mr. Gary, ini dari Kebajikan Pekerja-Pekerja something something (KPP). Kami ada.... bla bla bla...

(She was explaining all the way from last week... -_-")

Me : Ok. You boleh sebut sekali lagi tak, slow slow punya.

She while she was talking about the name, I quietly went to google this so call "Kebajikan". It was a company located in Subang alright. Then she started to ask for my company name and address again. I willingly gave her those info. After that, she start to verify my credit card again.

IL : Mr Gary pakai credit card bank apa?

Me : Maybank, Visa.

IL : Ok. Saya nak verify credit card Mr. Gary. Mr. Gary boleh baca expiry date credit card Mr. Gary?

Me : XX/XX.

IL : Ok. Itu nombor kad Mr. Gary?

Me : Har?

IL : Itu depan punya 16 digit.

Me : (So troublesome?) 1234 5678 9098 7654.

IL : Ok terima kasih Mr. Gary. Mr. Gary boleh baca nombor giliran di belakang credit card?

I didn't even know we have serial number on credit card. So I just mum...

IL : Mr. Gary. You tengok itu signature sana. Tepi sana ada itu 3 nombor. Itu nombor giliran.

WTF? Now they are showing its true colour. Asking for my security code. I'm a goner if I gave them that.

Me : Itu mana nombor giliran? Itu security code credit card.

IL : Bukan. Itu nombor giliran.

She on went defending herself and keep on saying that the 3 digit is serial number.

Me : Itu tak boleh la.

IL : Mr. Gary tak percaya saya? Saya datang dari... bla bla bla...

She start explaining the company and the free gift, and I was browsing the net on this company. I don't . Then I remember i heard her saying something about VIP card and RM490+ to get this package.

I started to read the Internet and suspicious. No information can be found on the net. Then I bullshit her that I have a meeting and ask her to call back in 30 minutes.. more to come...

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Faster.... I'm waiting for Part 3